Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is EnviroKlense?

EnviroKlense is the smart, intelligent, and integrated system built to secure the entrances of any public place. A multipurpose system that uses tested, safe, and effective solutions for destroying any kind of viruses.

2. How does it work?

When a person enters the gate it scans the body temperature in a contact less way and alerts if it is higher than normal. After the temperature test is done there is a process of full disinfection including hands, body, and shoes. EnviroKlense guarantees full protection of any kind of germs and kills 99,9% of viruses.

3. Why is disinfecting so important?

We know you want to do the best for your family. You can do just that, by helping to protect your family from the spread of illness-causing germs and viruses. You can feel confident that you are doing the best for your family installing EnviroKlense.

4. Are you certified by any government body?

Yes, we are endorsed by multiple government and independent agencies in Hong Kong, the UK, and the Middle East.

5. Is the disinfectant liquid safe?

You may be sure that every person who has passed through the gate is fully sterilized with tested, safe, and effective disinfectant liquid which is alcohol-free and totally safe for the human’s health. Recommended by medical professionals

6. Where can this be installed?

Public and private facilities such as Hospitals, Offices, Public parks, Cinema Theaters, Schools, Colleges, Banks can set special smart sterilization EnviroKlense to keep the employees and the visitors safe.

7. How quick is the process?

When the person enters a disinfection channel, first of all, it checks the body temperature and then the disinfection fog gate turns on for the full-body sanitizing.  It takes just 3 seconds for a person to surpass a disinfection tunnel so it is quick and safe.

8. What are inbuilt features?

Temperature measurement, facial recognition, infrared screening, disinfectant spraying are some other features.

9. Where can I buy the product?

Please schedule a call back with our experts or drop us an Email for a quick online demo and pricing details.

10. What is the cost for these channels?

Please schedule a call back or drop us an Email for a quick call with our sales team pricing details.

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